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An IP address is a unique number used by online devices to communicate with each other, and it is very similar to the mailing address. Without an IP address, you cannot send or receive information in the same way like you cannot send or receive mail at home without using a home mailing address.

This is one of the most flexible equipment to find out the proprietor and net provider of any internet site, domain or IP address. Locating IP address is useful to find the foundation of desirable emails or the source of the virus and port attacks. Besides the domain WHOIS you can additionally find out the registered facts approximately IP cope with tiers, which can be used to at least identify the net get entry to issuer of dialup customers with dynamic IP addresses.

How to find my IP address or what is my IP location? There could be various reasons for you to look for a particular IP address. Whenever any hacker attacks a website, risking its well-being, it becomes crucial for webmasters to find out about the IP location in order to stop the hacker. Similarly, bloggers and website owners need to find the IP address of their visitors, so that they know from where the maximum traffic is coming from.

There are many tools over internet that can serve this purpose. What is My IP is one such tool that you can use if you want to know what is my private IP or the IP of someone else. Some tools that you may come across will be paid while others free be free to use, requiring no installation or sign up.

Use this tool to quickly find your IP address, which is helpful for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to):

  • Tech support
  • Online gaming
  • Remote desktop applications
  • Detecting proxies

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