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About Domain Age Checker

Now there are many ways in which you can check a domain before you make a bid to purchase it. You can run a bulk domain age checker in case you want to check more than one domain. You can also do use a domain expiry date checker to know when is a domain expiring. You can also run a domain registration date checker to see when the domain was registered and has been in operation. It’s very similar to checking a used car before you buy it. You check the make, the model, the engine, the tires, etc. Similarly, you want to check the age, reputation, traffic, SEO tactics used before you buy an aged domain.

One of the best domain age checker tools that you can use is provided by You can just go to the domain age checker icon and click on it. Or you can simply copy/paste from here into the address bar of your search browser.

Enter the domain name that you want to run a check on and click on ‘Check.' This handy tool will tell you the following:

  • Date created on
  • Age
  • Domain updated on
  • Domain expiration date
  • IP Address
  • Name Servers
  • Way back
  • Registrar

It is a whole lot of information about a domain. It not only tells you the age and the expiration date, but it also shows you the IP address. The way back is a fascinating feature. When you click on ‘history of domain’ it shows the way back history of the domain. If the domain was registered 15 years ago and was used for five years and discarded, and again got registered and active 3 years ago, the history will show all that.

Now this will give you an excellent idea of how old the domain is. You will also come to know if it had one or more previous owners. The IP address will tell you who is currently hosting the website and the type of IP address it has.

All this information can help you in making the correct decision on purchasing a used domain. However, you should not just depend on this one tool to make a decision. You should thoroughly investigate the domain. You can use a tool to check the backlinks of the domain. Plus you can use other SEO tools before making a final decision. You don’t want to get stuck with a bad deal.

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